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Things  to do before you leave on your trip:

Turn water heater to vacations or lowest setting

Turn off AC/Heat or adjust down enough to keep plants protected

Turn water off at outside connections

Appliances should be unplugged

Turn off Icemakers

Stop newspapers and mail while out of town


Hotels Stays

Reuse towels tell cleaning service that you do not want them changed daily

Ask cleaning also not to change sheets daily

Turn off lights when leaving room

Keep heat and air setting down while not in room

Take your own shampoo and soaps- cuts down on waste of containers

Reduce amount of water when bathing

Use hotel recycle programs




 Green Travel Awareness


What is Green Travel?

More and more you are hearing enviromental phases in the media, organic, eco-conscious, responsible and sustainable. What does this all mean?

  • Think about the impact you will have on the environment both physical and social.
  • Do your part to minimize your impact so the destination can be maintained for years to come.
  • Understanding and making eco-friendly choices.
  • Do your research, you may find you save money making low impact choices. 


Eco-Resorts and Tour Operators:

There are several eco-resorts located in areas such as:

Africa, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Belize and United States.

Aloha, Seven Seas Travel has knowledgable advisors to assist you with your green travel needs. 

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Cruise lines going "Green"

Many cruise lines are making changes to help the environment.

Adding recycling centers all around the ship helps reduce waste on each ship.

Adding G E's alternative engine technology to their newest ships has reduced emissions by at least 80%.

Princess Cruise Line has started plugging into electrical power at port in San Francisco, Juneau and Seattle.

Norwegian Cruise Line introduced a recycling program to take all the used cooking oil (15,000 gal) to convert to biodiesel fuel.